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Woody Welcomes

Welcome to the Brentford family!
Bees superfan Woody welcomes visiting Premier League teams to the Gtech Community Stadium and highlights some of the inclusivity initiatives these teams support back in their own towns and cities. The blog will shine a light on some amazing people and projects and will be a celebration of the good that football does at community level in this country. 


From Woody's Mum, Natalie

"Becoming part of the Brentford family was life changing for us, as a mum I no longer felt that Woody was on the outside. Leading the Brentford team out as mascot in 2017 proved to be an overwhelming and life changing experience for him.  His smile was wider and more infectious than I'd ever seen it and afterwards he signed to me it was the best day of his life. And from that day, he had a focus, a passion and a structure"

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"It has been the same ever since. Long, long before the TV cameras picked up Thomas greeting Woody after the Arsenal match last season and having that clip go viral, the Club and the fans have gone out of their way to make us feel welcome and going there has always made us feel like having a big set of arms were being thrown around us and giving us a hug"
Natalie O'Rourke

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"Football has brought out the best in Woody, and it's also made us think of all the good that a team like Brentford does for their local community through the power of football.  So what we wanted to do for this season is for Woody to shine a light back on the Premier League Clubs visiting the Gtech Community Stadium this year and to pick out a few of the many, many projects they all support and the lives they enhance. We hope you enjoy it and we hope more families experience the joy of football "
Natalie O'Rourke

Woody Welcomes

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