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Woody Welcomes

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Woody Welcomed Manchester City

What a day to end the season.  The sun was shining as it was for the very first game of the season and the atmosphere was relaxed and happy.

Woody welcomed many fans on Sunday and was delighted to meet ThisIsFG_  from Man City. A real life You Tuber is nearly as exciting as football to Woody so this was a great start to the day.   Thru were so welcoming to Woody and they had some fun and games before the match.  

Next we met Patrick and his Mum, Bees fans from Northern Ireland who had written to ask to meet Woody.  What a long journey they had and it was definitely worth it with the result.   Woody was on top form ricocheting around like a pin ball machine but we did manage to get a snap of them together and I had a great chat with Mum. 

Our official meet up was to welcome Dan and his family in the sensory room.  Dan is an avid Man City fan and as a wheel chair user is a font of knowledge on disability access of all the Premiere League grounds.  Dan and family were impressed with the facilities at the Gtech and as Man City fans they have seen many stadiums!

Woody and I would like to congratulate Burnley, Sheffield United and Luton on their promotion to the Premier League - we will see you next season!

We cannot believe that the season is over and that it ended on such a high.  Time to rest and reflect for all the players and for me to work out how to keep Woody happy for the next 76 days without his beloved Brentford FC.


You can read what Manchester do within their community here ⬇️


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