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Woody Welcomes

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Woody Welcomes Sheffield United

Sheffield City of Steel… and it will take some real metal from both sides today to try and forge out a victory and secure the three points.

The Bees and The Blades find themselves languishing in the bottom half of the table, although Sheffield United are on a knife edge facing relegation.

Let’s jump straight in with the team visiting the Gtech today.

And it’s a brand new initiative starting tomorrow which is Autism hour at our Superstore. Every Wednesday from 4-5pm fans with autism and other hidden disabilities will be able to access The Blades store with a reduced store capacity, lowered lighting and reduced noise. What a fantastic way to allow fans to shop in comfort.

Woody and I also love the ‘Unite For Access’ initiative at Bramell Lane. In association with Level Playing Field this drive aims to to ensure that fans of all ability can access the stadium and enjoy the match day experience.

With 24% of the UK population having a disability it is imperative that they are recognised and allowed comfortable access to activities and sport. Sheffield United lead with ‘Unite For Your Team. Unite For Your Fans. #UniteForAccess’ - We couldn’t agree more!

What we also love is the Disabled Supporters Lounge. The lounge is available from 1:30pm on match days until kick off and is completely free of charge. You can simply turn up on the day with your match ticket and access the lounge - Amazing!

We all know how much a sensory room can make all the difference to the match day experience and Bramall Lane provide an excellent one for fans. The room is situated in the John Street Family Stand, which feels really apt that Family is included in the name.

Therapy room is wheelchair accessible and has low lighting, with a full view of the pitch. The room includes a breakout sensory den, bubble tube seating area, wall mounted sensory toys, and both indoor and outdoor seating areas, as well as being managed by our professional and qualified staff team.

Finally, we loved reading about Liam Froggatt. A huge Blades fan who was appointed as an Ambassador for a Down Syndrome charity, Wouldn’t Change A Thing, in 2021.

Liam loves modelling, horse riding and taking part in the Special Olympics.

Following his time as an Ambassador, Liam hoped to work at Bramall Lane for his beloved Blades… or to work for South Yorkshire Police in the stables… we totally get the pull of working with horses here.

So that’s it… Woody Welcomes signs off. We have loved bringing you all of the inside details of the Premier Lesgue and how they are making h football accessible for all.

Thank you for following us and please share our stories.

Today our number seventeen Ivan Toney will be looking to climb the seven hills of the great Yorkshire City of Steel and put some metal in the goal of The Blades.


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13 abr

I love the idea of a 'breakout sensory room' - is that where you can go and show how much you appreciate it, if your team scores. Ye-hah.

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