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Woody Welcomes

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Woody Welcomed World Down Syndrome Day

Yesterday was a very special day for Woody and I... in fact for our entire family, as we celebrated World Down Syndrome Day.  Every year on 21st March we celebrate our family members who have three copies of the 21st chromosome.   

And what a day it was... jam packed with events and lots of opportunities to celebrate and raise awareness of Down syndrome, with Woody right by my side. 

First up we were so lucky to be invited to go on This Morning with Holly and Phil to talk about my experiences during my pregnancy with Woody. Once we had had a chat about that, Woody joined us on the sofa and we were both delighted that Phil was rocking his odd socks.  Woody proudly showed his socks which were from a lovely business called ‘Stand Out Socks’. We think this brand is great as it is headed up by two brothers, one of which has Down syndrome.  How appropriate for yesterday.  And not to be left out, Holly assured us she would be joining the trend once she took her high heels off.  Woody was particularly enamoured with Holly and thought she was beautiful.   

We were absolutely blown away by the generosity of the team on the programme as Woody was handed a HUGE hamper full of gifts.  We were so grateful.  Thank You This Morning. 

Once we were off air we asked some of the fabulous celebrities we met to send us a video to commemorate World Down Syndrome Day and Woody was delighted that the very lovely Steven Mulhern came through with a video message for us. 

Next up we jumped in a cab to dash over to the Kingston hospital to meet up with some of our friends and we were joined by some of our Brentford Family, including Buzz and Buzzette, the Bee’s mascots.  The Kingston hospital is so special to us, as they keep Woody well looked after and it was absolutely brilliant to be with them on such an amazing day.  One of the children even dressed up as Woody... he is quite the little celebrity, isn't he? And I was really pleased to speak to a Midwife who asked me for advice about how to speak to new Mums and Mum’s to be. 

Finally, we had to make a quick change into our best red-carpet attire to join a special celebration of the Charity Film Awards hosted by Smiley News.  It was such a wonderful evening; Woody was working the crowd in his famous golden jacket, and we even bumped into AJ and Curtis Pritchard from Strictly Come Dancing.   

We finished up a pretty memorable day with Woody busting his moves alongside a Busker and having his favourite MacDonalds, no need to worship the wrapping on the floor, I treated to the real McCoy following such an epic ride of a day!! 

We were exhausted but happy by the end of one of our most busy but fantastic World Down Syndrome Days and we did lots to raise awareness... 

Don’t forget to ROCK YOUR SOCKS!! 


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