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Woody Welcomes

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Woody Welcomed Nottingham Forest

We had a great match day in the sunshine on Saturday and managed to raise £894 for charity which was the cherry on the cake along with the result.  Along with raising enough money for 20 big bales of hay we also chatted to lots of fans which was really great.  We received so much kindness and positivity along with the pounds.

Woody welcomed Alistair on Saturday.  Alistair was delighted to be welcomed to the Gtech and was chuffed he had been nominated for Woody Welcomes.  Alistair was full of praise for his club and their proactive efforts for their fans with additional needs. Alistair is an impressive fan and has been to 73 of the 92 football grounds in the country.  We had a chat about next season and Alistair is desperately hoping to stay up and joked he will come back to Brentford even without his beloved Nottingham Forest because he was made so welcome.

We were accompanied on match day by Smiley News who only cover positive stories and we were delighted they came along to film Woody welcomes.  Look out for the film soon.  

You can find out more about Smiley News here:

Finally if you are wondering what we gave Thomas Frank this week, it was a note that was given to us a few months ago the idea being you pass it forwards when the time is right.  We chose to pass it forwards to Thomas who we are sure will pass it forwards when the time is right.  We also gave him a smiley face bracelet and a packet of hula hoops (Woodys favourite snack!)


You can read about what Nottingham Forest are doing to support inclusion in their community here:


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