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Woody Welcomes

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Woody Welcomed Liverpool

What a night!  If we were making a card game of Top Trumps football fans Liverpool fans would win hands down.  They would score 100 for warmth, enthusiasm, friendliness, kindness and generosity.

Woody was welcomed on the away fans bus and what a welcome it was.  All the fans were so happy to come to Brentford and to be welcomed by Woody.  They were delighted we had researched what their club get up to behind the scenes.

Woody was wearing his infamous golden coat, (which he now no longer owns after gifting it to Thomas at the end of the game) and the Liverpool fans loved this and thought Woody was a mini Elton John.

Woody welcomed Andrew and Ste specifically but of course all the fans!  Woody had a go at being the bus driver which caused some alarm to our amazing police officers.  There was much horn honking and hilarity.  After much hugging and some singing of Hey Jude and You will never walk alone Woody was offered an invite to Anfield in May which will definitely take up.  Woody was also given Liverpool gifts and some money to spend in the club shop which he spent on a brand new training top.  

The game itself was like an amazing dream but we did feel for our new friends on their long drive home.


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Jan 03, 2023

Love this ❤️

Jan 12, 2023
Replying to

It was a great night!


Jan 03, 2023

Love it!!! How generous to give his golden coat away! So nice to hear good news xx

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