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Woody Welcomes

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Woody Welcomed Leicester

So much to say about this one its hard to know where to start!

Woody gave a very warm welcome to lovely Noah the Leicester Super fan.  It is fair to say that Noah is as passionate about Leicester as Woody is about Brentford.  Noah and his mum are really dedicated to their team and the passion shone out of them.  It was a lovely Woody welcomes in the sensory room and Woody and Noah enjoyed some games together after some banter and the shirt swap. 

The Mums decided to stay in touch and get together whenever Leicester and Brentford play each other.  There was a lot of Mum to Mum chat and it was so nice to find a kindred spirit.  Noah and Woody have both spent a lot of time in hospital so we know how precious their time at their happy football place is.

The day was brimming with kindness from Brentford.  It was incredibly generous (and brave) of the club to allow 28 children with Down Syndrome to be the guard of honour.  This exercise required buckets of patience and military style planning.  My blood pressure was off the scale but it went so well and my heart was so full as the players high fived every single child in the guard of honour.  

A point each left Noah and Woody happy enough.  Woody was rocking his odd socks one with footballers and one with hearts, says it all really.

As if my heart was not full enough the Sunday Times who accompanied us to The Crystal Palace game wrote the most real article about being Woodys Mum and what football has done for Woody.  The best Mothers Day gift ever.



You can read about all Leicester do for inclusion in their community by following the link below.


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