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Woody Welcomes

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woody welcomed Everton

Woody was delighted to welcome the lovely Amy Wilson from Everton on Saturday and gave her a big hug to welcome her to Brentford. Amy is the Everton 2021/22 Fan of the Year and won the award for all of her work to improve matchdays for supporters with accessibility requirements. She is a member of the Everton Disabled Supporters’ Association and works for CAFÉ, which is the centre for access to football in Europe.

Amy was not well at the end of last season and we know all her friends at Everton are so happy that she is able to travel to away matches again. On Saturday she had travelled all the way from Liverpool on public transport which is a challenge in itself for a wheelchair user and speaks volumes about her commitment to Everton. Woody and Amy swapped shirts and Amy has promised to keep in touch with her new little Bee friend.

Thank you to everyone for the reaction to this blog - on Saturday we had so many fans, both Bees and Everton, come and speak to us about it and we are really glad to be able to do it.

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