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Woody Welcomes

  • Writer's pictureNatalie O'Rourke

Woody Welcomed Crystal Palace

Well today Woody was the best or worst version of himself depending on how you view it.

There was absolutely no hurrying Woody today and he absolutely had to engage with every person he met along the way.

Lovely Ellie and her mum were waiting in the drizzle to be welcomed by Woody. Woody was very enthusiastic and completely delighted with his shirt with his name on.

The Crystal Palace fans were in good spirits and had good hearted chats with Woody. Not sure Ellie was as impressed with her Bees shirt but as you know Woods is having all his shirts made in to a duvet cover and we know which way up this one will be!

We hope Ellie enjoyed the game despite the last second disappointment. Feel sorry for any fans that left before the final whistle and journalists that submitted their piece…


You can catch up on what Crystal Palace do in their community to support inclusion by reading this blog.


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