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Woody Welcomes

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Woody Welcomed Aston Villa

Woody welcomes Villa was such a positive yet emotional event.  We have enjoyed every Woody Welcomes and met so many amazing families and fans but today was  recognition that we had done the right thing by setting up Woody Welcomes.

The families we met today had the exact same feelings and mindset as us about football. I have never ever met anyone else that feels that football has given them the feeling that the future will be ok.  That is what football has done for me and the parents of the family we met today. 

We all know as football fans that you are not going to change allegiance in your twenties or thirties, the team and badge you adore when you are ten is the same team and badge you will follow in your dotage.  Brentford has given us a huge family and Villa have done the exact same for the people we met today and they know their child is going to grow up surrounded by people with the same passion as them.

There was lots of ball games going on with Woody, Owen and Alex at the meet up today. That is the joy of football, no words needed and no barriers.  Woody was blown away by the shirt swap as the family had got Woody a shirt with Ollie Watkins number and name.  To say Woody was delighted is an understatement.

It was a tense game and a point each was acceptable given what happened when we visited Villa in the autumn.

Woodys day was absolutely made as if we had won the league by being lifted over the barrier by Sean, (who Woody respectfully is terrified of) so he could run to Ollie.  The hug was a hug of two old friends who have not seen each other for 6 months and I honestly do not know what they said to each other as I was not privy to that and neither should I be. 

Woody and Ollie have a special bond that should not be interfered with by Mum!  They shared a few precious minutes before Ollie got on the bus back to Birmingham.

There were so many moments of kindness today, I would love to shout from the rooftops how amazing football is but this blog will have to do.  My heart is full and my Mum mind is clear, because Woody is A ok in the hands of his football family.  


You can read the Woody Welcomes Aston Villa blog below...


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