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Woody Welcomes

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Woody Welcomed Southampton

It was a spring like day and Woody definitely had a spring in his step as we welcomed Mark from Southhampton FC. There was a sea of red and white all over the area as the home and away fans descended on the Gtech.  

We were delighted that Mark has been following the blog for a while and  really delighted he was so on board with the message of spreading positivity and the hidden magic of football. 

Mark has had a busy week after travelling to Newcastle midweek so Brentford was almost a local derby compared to that journey.  Woody and Mark had a good chat and some fan banter before swapping shirts.  We met some other saints fans too who were really upbeat and in a positive mindset.

The thousands of brand new scarves were out in full force and the Southhampton fans were in fine voice in the sunshine.  We hope Mark enjoyed his visit to Brentford despite the result and we cannot wait to visit him at his home ground.

If you are wondering what Woody gave Thomas this week.... well it was shower gel full of kindness because we believe Thomas deserves to be showered with kindness everyday.  


You can read all about Southampton's programmes of inclusion by clicking the link below.


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