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Woody Welcomes

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Woody Welcomed Manchester United fans Sean and tony

So Saturday saw the Bees get off to a flying start. Woody also met Man Utd superfan Sean and his Dad, Tony.

Sean and his Dad were so lovely and Sean was so passionate about the team he plays for and the team he supports. They go to every away game, even Europe! Now that is parental dedication, it must be such hard work to plan and do that. Woody and Sean hit it off straight away and had a lot of friendly fan banter between them. We all know Woody's communication skills are not the best but that is the joy of football - gestures, facial expressions, hands on hearts and badges was all they needed.

Sean and Man Utd brought Woody his very own Reds shirt and it was wonderful being able to do our own shirt swap, something you normally see only players doing on the pitch. Woody met lots of Man United fans on the way home too. The fans were good hearted despite the shock result and Woody managed to charm them all and even get an invite to Old Trafford.

Thank you to everyone who has already responded to Woody Welcomes... we've already been contacted by families who have disabilities saying they are planning to attend a football match as they didn't realise they could! We look forward to welcoming Everton on Saturday 27th August.

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1 Comment

Aug 25, 2022

Lovely stuff, great idea to do that!

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