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Woody Welcomes

  • Writer's pictureNatalie O'Rourke

Woody welcomed Leeds

On Saturday some of the Leeds buses were very late to arrive. It meant Woody had to meet Nikki, their visually impaired fan in the away zone, normally a no-go area for Bees.

But of course it was fine, Leeds fans are just like us, made up of families and hard working ordinary people who happen to support Leeds ( and not the Bees) and those fans were very sweet to Woody.

So it was touch-and -go, the two of them met as the sound of Hey Jude was warming up and Woody presented her with a rose being the gentle Bee he is. Nicki is inspiring. A lack of sight doesn’t stop her, nor a complicated and long journey. Her waistcoat was beyond impressive, a high-vis jacket adapted in Leeds colours. It was such a pleasure to meet her.

We are sorry (not sorry) about the result for Nicki, but that’s football …. I’m sure it was a long journey home but she had her rose and her Brentford shirt to keep her comfort…


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1 Comment

Sep 06, 2022

Fabulous Woody!! You were very brave to go in the away end! What a lovely gesture taking Nicki a rose 🌹 and swapping shirts. Enjoying reading about your adventures. Love Lyndsay, Heidi and Harry xx

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