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Woody Welcomes

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Woody Welcomed Fulham

Well it certainly did not feel like a Monday night, it was one big party in the Gtech.


The less said about the time Woody crashed the golf cart at Fulham’s training ground and was banned, the better...

Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances the original fan Woody was supposed to meet couldn’t make it... So Woody was standing in the rain clutching his Brentford shirt for the big swop and there was no one to swop with... So we grabbed the new by the wings and decided to approach some other fans to take part in Woody Welcomes. After being rejected by several we happened upon the lovely Tony.  Tony stepped in at the last minute and was delighted to be part of Woody Welcomes.  Woody gave Tony a big hug and a warm welcome to the Gtech.   

Before the match started, on the screen they had words and pictures of the women that had inspired each of the players. That was a really nice touch for International Womens Day.


The match atmosphere was incredible and Woody went off to school on Tuesday tired but happy with not much voice left at all.  Thomas seemed delighted with this weeks present which was some sugar free gum, we wanted to get him something he really needed!  


The result was great and at Brentford everyone is welcome!


You can read about what Fulham do to support inclusion in their community here


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