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Woody Welcomes

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Woody Welcomed AFC Bournemouth

I have to say the Bournemouth fans were very friendly.  Woody welcomes began in the pub before the match this time, Woody introduced himself to the away fans and then decided to sit with them and tell them all about his beloved Bees.  The Bournemouth fans were very humble and despite the distance they had travelled they were certain of defeat.

Woody welcomed Nick who is a true Cherry and also works for Bournemouth FC. There was some friendly banter and lots of hugging during the shirt exchange.  Nick too seemed certain of a loss, I think we need to pop down to Bournemouth and show them the magic of positive thinking.  

It was a cold night and Woody put his Bournemouth shirt under his many layers of Brentford tops.  At the end of the season all the shirts are going to be sewn in to a duvet cover for Woody so he can remember this season forever.  

The golden jacket was returned, hooray, and the luck continues.  Woody presented Thomas with some biscuits to refuel, not a cherry in sight though just sweet honey!


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